pc based solutions

 CX2020    Date  Status  List price / € it-autec price / € 
CX2020 CPU Bacis modul with DVI CX2020-0111 13.05.2015 NEW -OP 1386,00 970,00
TwinCAT PLC for Windows CE C9900-S706   NEW 75,00 50,00
Power supply with E,K-Bus Interface CX2100-0004 06.01.2016 NEW - OP 204,00 142,00


 CX1020    Date  Status  List price / € it-autec price / € 
CX1020 CPU Basic modul with DVI CX1020-0111 21.03.2006 used 1092,00 546,00
Interfacemodul for 2xRS232  CX1020-N030 21.03.2006 used 68,00 34,00
Power supply with E-Bus Interface CX1100-0004 21.30.2006 used 204,00 102,00
Power supply with E-Bus Interface  CX1100-0004   02.02.2006 used  204,00 102,00
Fieldbus Profibus Master CX1500-M310  17.02.2006  used 365,40 182,20


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