pc based solutions

Standalone motion and wall thickness controller

  • IPC-Control based on Windows CE.NET
  • PC without fan and harddisk
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT control softwrae with hard realtime (15μs jitter, time base 1ms)
  • PLC software, technology software and visualisation on one PC
  • TFT operator panel with touchscreen
  • Data saving by flash memory (compactflash, USB-stick)
Conception of the control:
  • PanelPC
  • EtherCAT fieldbus
  • Distance for I/O up to 100m between PanelPc and terminals
  • USB interface
Operator panel:
  • Panel PC - Industrial-PC intergated in the panel
  • 6.5'' TFT display
  • Touchscreen
  • EtherCAT fieldbus 100MBit
  • Ethernet 100/1000 MBit
  • Installation in the wall of the switch board or panel version
Advantage at a glance:
  • Control system for combine PLC-, motion control- and visualisation functions
  • Function independent hardware, all software modules are installed in one CPU
  • Industrial PC with PLC chracteristics, without fan and rotating memory disk, fast booting, real time clock, exchange of programs by storage cards, remanent memory and operation without UPS
  • Efficient CPU; 500 MHz
  • Operation system of the latest generation: Microsoft Windows CE.NET
  • Ethernet, EtherCAT and USB already installed in the basic version
  • Low heat and low power consumption
  • Small measurements of the system require little space within the switch board or terminal box
Function overview:
  • Wall thickness control up to 3 channels
  • Accumulator head operation (constant or profiled)
  • Extruder speed control, synchronized adjustment when operation more than 1 extruder
  • Parison lenght control in case of continuous extrusion
  • Filling level control and die adjustment during accumulator head operation
  • Distance cams for clamping unit and blowpin
  • Up to 3 closed loop motion control for hydraulic axis
    • Blow mould open / close
    • Blowpin movement
    • Blow mould movement
  • Diagnostics, error messages in plain text with timestamp
  • Operator protocal: Each change of value by the user is logged in a file (wtih following information: timestamp, user, user-level, old value, new value).
  • Integrated scope functionality of motion actual- and setpoint- values
  • Configurable access levels: The access of each input control (input fileds, preselections. timers. check boxes, buttons, ...) can be changed individual on screen.
  • Limit values for numeric input can be changed individual on screen.
  • Saving of setting parameters internal, on USB-stick. The setting paramaters can be organized in different groups like wallthickness-,  motion or transducer settings.
  • Language reversal for up t 8 languages at the same time. (asia character sets are supported)
  • Access control via PIN-code, optional fingerprint. 3 access level, 1 administrator
  • Online help: At each page the help button displays the help page for this screen in the browser.
  • The complete user manual is deposited in HTML-files on the system.

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