pc based solutions

Up-to-date electronic control for WTC - PWDS - Accumulator Control up to 10 channels

  • IPC-Control based on Windows CE.NET
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT control software with hard real time (15μs jitter, time base 1ms)
  • Control software, technology software and visualisation on one PC
  • Remote diagnostics via lan or modem
  • 12'' TFT operator panel with touch screen
  • Data saving by flash memory (compact flash, USB-stick)
  • Reversal of language
System Structure: 
  • Installation in the wall of the switch board
  • PC without fan and hard disk
  • Power supply 24V DC
  • analog inputs 16Bit (+/- 10V)
  • analog outputs 12Bit (+/-10V)
  • digitale inputs
  • digitale outputs
  • Amplifier for the valve (15mA, 20mA, 33mA oder 60mA)
Operator panel:
  • 12'' TFT display
  • Resolution 800 x 600 pixel
  • Touch screen
  • 12 function keys for screen selection
  • Numerical keyboard on screen
  • 10 PLC-keys with LEDs for activation of special functions
  • EtherCAT for the connection to the I/Os
  • Installation in the wall of the switch board

Wall thickness profile:


  • Continuous or discontinuous extrusion
  • 100, 200 or 400 point wall thickness profile
  • Up tp 10 channels synchron (wall thickness profile control - partial wall thickness control - multiple extrusion head)
  • 1 channel parison ejection (constant or profile)
  • Correction of parison elongation (linear proportion)
  • Cycle time specification manually or automatically
  • Parison check marks (max. 2 at the same time) simply by setting of thick or thin places
  • Test position
  • Control of parison length using a photo cell in case of continuous extrusion
  • Filling level control of accumulator head in case of discontinuous extrusion (adjust extruder speed)
  • Automatic or maunal calibration of the actual value transmitter (LVDT)
  • Profile marker
  • All set parameters can be stored or reloaded in an internal memory or an USB-stick
  • Reversal of language for the user interface
  • User access by PIN-Code


SmartWDS is upgradeable up to complete machine control. Here the existent 12'' touch screenm the processor unit and the in- and outputs can be used. Only additional in- and outputs and a software update is required to upgrade follwing available function:

  • Heating channels (up to 96 channels)
  • Closed loop movement control (up to 6 axis)
  • Complete machine control


Please consider by implement heating and movement control you will achieve a central data maintenance, whereby the heating- and movement-parameters are stored in the same data record.