Setting a new setpoint
Accept the edited curve
Undo and Redo function
Shifting a setpoint
Shifting a curve segment
Test position
Master points
Linking channels
Additional shown profile
Tolerance supervision
Auto setup

For setting a new setpoint the cursor has to be positioned at an user-defined point first.
The cursor can be positioned as follows:
  - by touching the profile at the desired position or
  - by entering the desired setpoint number in the input field "Set point" or
  - by using the cursor buttons in the left screen area or
  - at this, the cursor can be moved 1 point up or down or
  - the cursor can be positioned directly to the next already setted setpoints
After the cursor has been placed at the desired position, the set-point can be entered in the field "mm".
The edited (but not yet accepted) curve is shown in blue.























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